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Past Works 1989-2011

Christmas is a very special time for me.  It brings back memories of Nana and all the cousins gathered around the fireplace in Luray, Virginia.  This particular Pointsettia I created while living in Orlando, Florida.

"Pointsettia", Color Pencil, 22" x 22"

I have always surrounded myself with flowers no matter where I live or have lived.  This beautiful daylilly somehow survived the hot and humid temperatures of Florida.

"Jungle Princess", Color Pencil, 2" x 24"

This strange bird caught my attention when I first saw it.  I was struggling with ideas to come up with for an assignment in college and my professor was threatening to flunk me.  I left my professor speechless when I turned in this drawing at the end of the semester.

"Peacock Pheasant", Graphite, 36" x 45"

This was my first work of art that expressed the structure and design of Nature.  The veins in the petals and the patterns of grass surrounding the flower all combined to create a powerful energy.

"Life Energy", Graphite, 28" x 24"

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