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Recent Works

2012 - 2014

Graphite and Color Pencil

The second in my "Bird Feathers" series, I was fascinated with the flowing lines and patterns of these layered feathers.  The structure of birds'  feathers is fascinating and explained in David Cavagnaro's book titled "Feathers."  

"Layered Feathers," Color Pencil, 19" x 22"

The first in my "Feathers" series, I happened upon several pages of feathers that were published in a nature magazine.  When I contacted the photographer, David Cavagnaro, a noted artist in his own right, he was most generous in allowing me to adapt his own photo of a peacock pheasant.  Nature's striking colors and patterns at their very best! 

"Eye Feathers," Color Pencil, 16" x 22"

Nature's wake up call brought me back to my passion.  Using the principles of positive energy and creative visualization, "Flowing Energy" helped me recover from cancer surgery.

"Flowing Energy", Graphite, 22" x 28"

I found a flower during a daily walk and was fascinated with the intricate molecular structure of the petals.

"Cellular Energy", Graphite, 22" x 22"

The leaf patterns in a Virginia Creeper have an interesting structure both from the five leaves to the molecular patterns in each leaf.

"Inner Energy", Graphite, 22" x 22"

This striking fellow was standing by the pond when I first viewed our property for purchase.  He was my sign that I had finally come home.  He visits often and I am always amazed at his stillness and persistence.  More often than not, he is successful at finding dinner.

"Determination", Color Pencil, 40" x 32"

Understanding the need for survival, birds are deceptive in confusing their enemies. When they use their feathers for display or combat, the patterns and colors come alive for me.

"Deception," Color Pencil, 38" x 35"

With me throughout my childhood, I created this little chickadee in honor of his loyalty and friendship.

"Chickadee", Color Pencil, 8" x 10"

Fascinating to watch, the tree-climbing White-Breasted Nuthatch is acrobatic and fiercely hungry hunting bugs in the bark of trees.  He was also an important part of my childhood and I could always find one wherever I wandered in the woods.

"Nuthatch", Color Pencil, 8" x 10"

I know instantly when a flock of Tufted Titmice are near.  They are very vocal with both song and chatter while they busily fly from tree branch to tree branch.  It seems I can find them with me wherever I go too.

"Tufted Titmouse", Color Pencil, 8" x 10"

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