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I've been reading many posts lately asking: why do artists create? Is it for money? Is it for prestige? Is it something that is NECESSARY for the artist to do?

For me, it is necessary! The alternative, not to create, makes me a very unhappy, cranky person. Creating is as important in my day as is eating. I become blocked physically and mentally if I cannot pick up my pencil or brush and create. Now I suppose some would ask "okay, but do you make money at it? What do you do with all of your art? Is it just sitting around your house?" Well, honestly my house does make me feel like I am living in a gallery (with art that I of course just love!! But I am running out of wall space...hmmm) And, well, I don't currently make enough to live off my art, but for me, creating is my way of staying healthy and keeping positive energy flowing.

Yes, one of my long-term goals is to be able to support myself through my art. I spent most of my spare time this year and last developing my business plan to be ready when that first step happens. The first step towards my long-term goal is to be affirmed, or recognized by the general public, arts organizations, other artists, etc. Affirmations are important to an artist! (The other side of this is rejection which has happened more often than not over the past years.)

April 30, 2015 I received one of the best affirmations of my career thus far. "Flowing Feathers" (shown below) was selected for inclusion in The Healing Power of Art, an online exhibit from Manhattan Arts International. This affirmation is not just about one of my creations, but is also an affirmation about art and healing. My message from my art is all about healing, creative visualization and the power of positive energy. I am so very grateful for this affirmation.

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